Horn: ‘App’-lication of smartphones key to employment success

As the class of 2016 prepares to enter a job market that relies heavily on technology, graduating students should pay special attention to the online app world in their quest to make money and find jobs.

LinkedIn Student

Though the widely popular LinkedIn is nothing new to the business world, its latest effort to launch a more specialized app for students is certainly noteworthy. The aptly named LinkedIn Student, which was released mid-April, goes a step beyond the primary LinkedIn platform and offers several features that could be a real boon to college graduates and students alike.

Student users can explore job positions based on education, see companies that hired graduates from SU and get their foot in the door by connecting with alumni who have similar interests and skill sets. For those who may not have large networks built up yet, this is a valuable asset: as of 2014, about 94 percent of human resource professionals used LinkedIn to recruit new employees, according to USA Today College.

Already use LinkedIn? The information is transferable between LinkedIn Student and the parent app, so there is no reason not to add this to your arsenal when planning your future. This app does a great job of helping users branch out to get and stay on the right track to employment.


This app won’t get you any jobs or networking opportunities, but it may earn you some extra spending cash. Though stock investment apps are quite numerous, Stash, which was released in October 2015, stands out among the rest due to its lower cost and user friendliness.

Stash boasts that customers can begin investing with as little as $5. Because the low entry fee is due to many people splitting one share, the payouts won’t be anything significant, but there’s definitely less of a risk than going all-in on larger, more expensive stocks. There is a heavy focus on staff support and communication to help young investors learn the tricks of the trade. This presents an accessible starting point for any aspiring stock market connoisseur.

Apart from being a learning tool, this app is a feasible way to make some extra pocket change. When you’re out on your own, any little bit helps and this app can provide a simple way to earn money.


Students are already used to RateMyProfessor, so Glassdoor should be an easy transition as a similar service for the professional world.

Glassdoor is an app that gives insight into what it’s really like to work for a company. The anonymous review app is fueled by employees who contribute all sorts of interesting insider knowledge on their respective workplace environments.

The service offers an overview of the interview process, CEO approval ratings and salary reports to name a few and these are all helpful for college graduates to make the right employment decision. The app also broadens the scope of available opportunities in that it doubles as a job search engine.

This upper hand can alleviate a lot of the anxiety that comes with applying for a new job. Knowing what the interviewer is likely to ask you basically makes you a pro before setting foot inside. This valuable tool can help you narrow down your dream job in no time.

And in the end, the peace of mind is worth the free download to check out a company before signing on.


This final service is more of a website than an app, but it does offer a mobile platform to those interested. Weebly presents both those looking for jobs with the opportunity to create their own website from their phone. No one can argue the benefits of having your own personal website — it provides a readily accessible portfolio for employers to view.

The company offers a free package which includes hosting services, unlimited pages, and chat and email support. But more sophisticated packages, like the starter package for $8 monthly and the pro package for $12 monthly, are available for those who want to showcase a more advanced website.

The service gives you a way to stand out among the competition and present yourself professionally with a small amount of effort. Weebly’s easily accessible platform can lead to a better financial future by helping graduates seal the deal on job offers.

The Bottom Line

So graduating seniors, in the sea of apps out there designed to help you get and succeed at jobs, LinkedIn Student and Glassdoor will help you find your jobs and networks, while Stash and Weebly will help you make the most of your money while on your own. And though this list is far from complete, it’s a starting point for those looking to enter the workforce with technology by their side.

Theo Horn is a sophomore political science and public policy dual major. His column appears weekly. He can be reached at


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